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Application Security Posture Management

360° Visibility of your Application Environment

An unprecedented, comprehensive inventory and discovery of your entire application environment and owners.

Get your SBOM hot. We take your applications and break them down to a unified inventory of their core components.

Focus on the Assets that Matter

Get your priorities straight.

We contextualize your security posture and prioritize the assets that matter most to your business.

Identify and Eliminate Application Security Gaps

Understand coverage of existing tools and services, and your most critical security gaps.

Start now with application security posture management.

enso- application security posture management- AST Orchestration and Automation

Need AST tools coverage?

Enso has your back from day one with the Enso Essentials AST Toolkit.

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"With the easy integration of various security tools, filters and automations, Enso provides us with a holistic view of our security posture. As a one-stop solution for overall Application Security, Enso allows us to have continuous discovery, scanning opportunities and ultimately prioritize our current workflows."

Chaitanya Dande,
Senior Application Security Engineer

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"For AppSec programs just getting started, Enso Security democratizes application security. For mature programs, Enso Security streamlines deployment of scarce resources to optimize the impact of your application security investments."

Matthew Sharp,
Chief Information Security Officer

application security posture management-Matthew Sharp

"With Enso's unique asset-first approach to vulnerability management, we are able to efficiently operate an AppSec program by focusing limited resources on the assets that matter most to the business. This prioritization allows us to stop chasing after the vulnerabilities, and deploy efforts to where they matter most."

Gil Ohayon,
Chief Information Security Officer

application security posture management-Gil Ohayon

"Through ASPM, Enso brings unparalleled value to our customers, both those who are in the early stages of building their AppSec program, to large organizations looking to hit optimal efficiency. Enso enables both types of organizations to discover and accurately map all data flowing throughout their applications, automate and scale efforts to secure applications faster, and optimize limited resources."

Guy Desau,
CEO, Nox90

application security posture management-Guy Desau

"Enso's SBOM technology enables rapid risk and event management. In a matter of minutes, an analyst can search for and locate vulnerable components in the software stack, provide context for the business risk, and enable the collaboration of teams to interact with all artifacts discovered. While other tools just focus on listing the data, Enso turns the data into smart tasks."

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Automate your day-to-day AppSec work. And scale it

Throw away your spreadsheets.

Automate and orchestrate workflows across your AppSec and developer teams, eliminating guesswork at developer speed.

Executive Reporting and Monitoring

Provide executives with the information they need with a clear and customized report on the health of your AppSec program.

Map out your applications using existing data

We’re agentless. Enso’s platform seamlessly integrates with the tools you already work with.

Enso security- Application Security Posture Management integrations

Introducing My AppSec Map

Build your own AppSec Map and get a personalized posture badge!

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