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We are committed to helping security teams everywhere build simplified, agile and scalable application security programs.

For far too long, AppSec has plagued security teams with confusion, delays and tons of data gathering that leaves very little room for actual application security. Deciding to venture where none have before, the Enso team has committed its 30 years of shared expertise towards simplifying the chaos with a single application security posture management interface for total orchestration and control.

Enso was made by application security professionals for application security professionals. Our platform is designed to let your AppSec team bring their own unique skills, approach and knowledge of their mission scope into full effect. We understand how much more can be accomplished by eliminating tactical work and simplifying visibility. This is why we consolidate data to eliminate breakers in searching and tracking it and integrate with native collaboration tools to reduce and optimize manual work.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security


Roy Erlich
CEO and Co-Founder

Roy Erlich is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Enso Security. He formerly served as Head of Application Security at Wix.com, where he gained critical insight into the AppSec lifecycle ecosystem. Prior to this, Roy led the R&D of advanced cyber deception and monitoring platforms and headed an elite cybersecurity team in the Israeli Defense Force’s 8200 unit. He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and an MBA with a specialization in consulting, marketing and finance.

Chen Gour Arie
Chief Architect and Co-Founder

Chen Gour Arie is the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Enso Security. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in cybersecurity and software development, Chen demonstrably bolstered the software security of dozens of global enterprise organizations across multiple industry verticals. An enthusiastic builder; he has focused his career on building tools to optimize and accelerate security testing and all related workflows.

Barak Tawily
CTO and Co-Founder

Barak Tawily is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Enso Security. Inclusive of his time as a Security Development Team Leader at Wix.com, he has over seven years of hands-on cybersecurity experience as a developer, bug hunter and application security consultant. Barak regularly publishes AppSec content in his blog and is the brains behind the Autorize open source tool.


Co-founder and CTO at HackerOne

former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security

former Executive Director, Head of Data Protection Technology at JPMorgan Chase

Serial entrepreneur

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - Integration

St. Louis Cyber Interest Group

Founders of Luminate (acquired by Symantec)


Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - Integration

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