AppSec Team

Your job just got a whole lot easier. 

Even the most diligent AppSec practitioner has no way of knowing how many applications are in production, which repositories and APIs are in use, and where developers are active.

Enso is here to fix that. 

  • Use your resources wisely >> Assign your team tasks based on the biggest risks measured by Enso’s overall score. Monitor work and task completion across your team and shuffle resources accordingly to meet the program’s needs. 

  • Unify development and security >> Automatically extract interesting data from existing tools used by the organization and easily and efficiently manage, prioritize, and automate the actions needed without interfering with developers’ work. 

  • Consolidate >> One place for the AppSec team to manage the day-to-day. Run tests and controls in one click, create and ensure policies, generate and monitor tasks, report defects, communicate with R&D, all without leaving the Enso platform. 
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