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At Enso, we believe in the power of developers. ​​We know that great developers don't put security first, and that’s all right. Developers think in features, deadlines, scaling, and velocity. Developers think in terms of production incidents and downtime. 

That’s why Enso enables developers to do what they do best– develop, while we ensure their security.

  • We prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter so you don’t have to.
  • Build security into your CI/CD Pipeline
  • Automate alerts for engineering deliverables that cross a business definable threshold risk at process milestones in the SDLC.
  • Generate engineering deliverables through Jira integration
What is DevSecOps- Enso Security

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“Enso enables our security team to forge an impactful and cooperative relationship with engineering by providing visibility and action-oriented tasks for only the most business critical vulnerabilities”

Kobi Lechner,
Chief Information Security Officer

application security posture management - CISO