Enso Security- AppSec Map Scavenger Hunt @ Black Hat 2022

Let’s play!
Welcome to the AppSec Map Scavenger Hunt!

In celebration of the latest release of Enso’s AppSec Map, we are excited to open the first ever AppSec Map Scavenger Hunt! Players will get the chance to win the grand prize ($50 Amazon Gift Card + Amazing Swag Bag with lots of toys) and have fun exploring the tools and vendors of our AppSec ecosystem on the way.

Enso Security- AppSec Map Scavenger Hunt @ Black Hat 2022

How does it work?

Once you register through the form on this page, you will be provided with an interactive pdf map. Get started by clicking on a vendor logo. You will immediately be prompted with an open-ended question and link to the vendor’s website in order to find the answer. Submit your answer and then move on to the next company.

Answer the questions for each participating company and you will be automatically submitted into the drawing to win the grand prize!

If you enjoyed the game, make sure to pass it on to your friends!

What is the AppSec Map?

Enso Security has created the industry’s first AppSec Map, a tool that maps and classifies different solutions and services available today for AppSec teams. It lets AppSec practitioners easily explore the options available to them. The map includes commercial services and solutions as well as open source tools and projects for any AppSec related activity, such as security training, application security testing and runtime detection and protection.

The map was born out of our need as AppSec practitioners, and is a part of our effort to empower AppSec professionals and help our community grow. We invite the community and the vendors out there to share their ideas and thoughts on how to improve this map, and to submit their solutions so that the AppSec community can easily discover the value it adds to their AppSec program.

Check it out at: appsecmap.com

OK, I am in. What’s next?

Just sign up through the form on this page and you will receive your interactive AppSec Map game piece.

Happy AppSec Hunting!

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