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Application security posture management - Customer Stories: Telecom Company

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Learn how a major Telecom company utilizes Enso Security as an end-to-end AppSec management tool and to build a robust AppSec program, including:

What is ASPM-Green check

Vulnerability management and prioritizing the most business critical assets.

What is ASPM-Green check

Close the visibility gaps with a continuous updated inventory.

What is ASPM-Green check

Build trust with development by controlling the funnel of security reports and not overwhelming engineering with reports.

“Enso enables our security team to forge an impactful and cooperative relationship with engineering by providing visibility and action-oriented tasks for only the most business critical vulnerabilities”

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Kobi Lechner,
Chief Information Security Officer

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Enso is the first security posture management solution in the field of application security. Enso platform includes an autonomous discovery engine that integrates with systems used by the organization from code to prod, and maintains an up to date, unified, correlated and profiled inventory list of all assets. This list includes a list of all the code repositories, artifacts, services, HTTP endpoints and others.

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