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Application security posture management - Partner Stories: DevSecOps Professional Service Provider

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Learn how Enso enables partners to provide hundreds of enterprise clients with AppSec & DevSecOps professional services, including:

What is ASPM-Green check

On boarding with an in-depth security assessment

What is ASPM-Green check

Build and operate an effective vulnerability management program

What is ASPM-Green check

Identify coverage gaps and assess the performance of current security controls

"Enso brings unparalleled value to our customers, both those who are in the early stages of building their AppSec program, to large organizations looking to hit optimal efficiency. Enso enables both types of organizations to discover and accurately map all data flowing throughout their applications, automate and scale efforts to secure applications faster, and optimize limited resources."

application security posture management-Guy Desau

Guy Desau, CEO

application security posture management-Guy Desau- NX90 logo

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Enso is the first security posture management solution in the field of application security. Enso platform includes an autonomous discovery engine that integrates with systems used by the organization from code to prod, and maintains an up to date, unified, correlated and profiled inventory list of all assets. This list includes a list of all the code repositories, artifacts, services, HTTP endpoints and others.

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