Why Do AppSec Teams Need an Application Security Gap Analysis?

Why Do AppSec Teams Need an Application Security Gap Analysis?

By Roy Erlich, Co-Founder and CEO of Enso Security

In 2021, we saw security teams realigning their focus towards application security. Lessons learned from high-level attacks have been internalized by c-level executives and CISOs alike, and this security space has garnered justifiable interest and concern - as well as budget allocations. Developers constantly improve workflows, releasing countless features and enjoying remarkable agility. At the same time, cyber threats inherent in cloud-based web applications are consistently and exponentially growing, prompting innovation in AppSec and an aspiration to catch up. 

This innovation has empowered CISOs to seek and adopt AppSec solutions that cohabitate with developers' agility, securing innovation while allowing it to grow. As a baseline, this is an exceptional achievement. However, in order to fully manage AppSec posture, organizations must first identify areas of weakness within their AppSec program and find a way to do so systematically, and at scale.

When allocating resources for your yearly AppSec budget, consider this - do you know what you have? Do you know what you need? The answer to both of these questions lies in a thorough and comprehensive Application Security Gap Analysis, designed to assess whether the people, processes and technology addressing AppSec in your organization are doing so effectively, and to provide AppSec professionals with the tools and data they need to make decisions and improve their security posture.

As AppSec professionals ourselves, we devised a concise, free and downloadable ebook guiding security teams through the gap analysis’ 4-step process. Manual analysis of your program will only get you so far, with rapidly outdated data and a waste of crucial resources. Our automated process pinpoints your most valuable assets, maps all of your controls, assesses their performance and most importantly - identifies gaps in your visibility, prioritization and in the operation of the AppSec program across your inventory.

We believe that a crucial part of ensuring that AppSec maturity coincides with software development maturity is a systematic and methodical approach to AppSec, and over the past week we were happy to hear that AppSec teams and CISOs have already implemented the process and reportedly gained critical value from our Application Security Gap Analysis guide. If you want to join them and ensure that your organization steps into 2022 with a solid security plan - Sign up via the form

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