An effective AppSec program starts with the right Shift-Left

An effective AppSec program starts with the right Shift-Left

Application Security Posture Management Author
Julia Kraut, VP Marketing, Enso Security
May 31, 2023

Let’s address the elephant in the room — “Shift-Left” hasn’t had the impact on software security that many of us expected it to have. Security tools produce many alerts that are challenging to make sense of, prioritize and act on. Making things worse, security teams do not have the capacity to triage the alerts that are classified as critical for developers. On the other end, developers may lack the required knowledge to do the triage themselves, as they are not security professionals, and can’t be expected to understand the meaning and context behind the alert. This combination of not being able to triage independently and the sheer volume of alerts leads to friction between developers and security teams, making it more difficult to collaborate as pushback against these testing tools and the process itself grows.

Why we love developer-led security tools like GitHub Advanced Security for our customers.

Traditional Shift-Left methodology has many merits, but it didn’t provide the best foundation for developers to be able to battle security challenges. Real Shift-Left can happen only when R&D decides it should. Security isn't the one to make the fix, so in order to convince developers to do so we have to enable them to get the job done in their playground and with their tools

Enter: Developer-led security tools! We’ve seen dozens of our customers improve productivity and strengthen their ability to secure code with tools like GitHub Advanced Security.  Seamlessly integrating into the development workflow, GitHub Advanced Security empowers developers to take ownership of the security of their code on their turf, by their rules. By integrating security tools into their development environments, developers can proactively identify and fix vulnerabilities, reducing reliance on security teams and minimizing friction. This shift encourages developers to contribute to the security of their applications and promotes a culture of responsibility and ownership within the development team. More so, if we give our developers the ability to triage, we have to ensure the quality and volume of the alerts. With simplistic UI integration native to developers and low false positives, GitHub Advanced Security ensures we set our developers up for success and enable a true Shift-Left process. Simply put, we see, feel and appreciate the value of leading developer-security tools on a daily basis.

From Shift-Left to full-cycle AppSec Program Management (ASPM)

Shift-Left which works with tools like GitHub Advanced Security is the required foundation for an effective and scalable security program, but it’s not the end of the story. While there have been great advances in securing software in the earlier stages of the SDLC, security teams are still flying blind. This is where an Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tool like Enso comes in, and completes the picture. Enso provides security teams with full visibility by mapping out their entire asset inventory, along with findings from R&D and security tools. What organizations receive from both tools is a comprehensive, holistic view of their security risks and vulnerabilities, enabling their security teams to make informed decisions about where to focus their limited resources. 

Enso customers can easily enjoy the benefits of GitHub Advanced Security with a multi-layered security experience. From code scanning, secret scanning and dependency review, Enso bolsters GitHub customers a level “above the left” with turning that information into prioritized smart tasks, automated risk-based workflows and full security posture executive reporting. Together, GitHub and Enso secure your code, optimize resources and measure your progress, all without disrupting development. 

With Enso’s self-service connect, customers can instantly connect their GitHub Advanced Security to Enso’s asset inventory, giving them  a full bird’s eye view of all  findings and automatically prioritizing the most business-critical ones. Our customers expect us to make life easier for both the developer and security teams. Combining tools like GitHub Advanced Security with Enso’s ASPM enables organizations to cut the animosity and increase the velocity. 

For more information on Enso’s ASPM solution and our integration with partners like GitHub Advanced Security, please reach out to us at 

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