I’ve Got 99 Problems and My Organization’s AppSec Program is Definitely one of them 

I’ve Got 99 Problems and My Organization’s AppSec Program is Definitely one of them 

Application Security Posture Management Author
Julia Kraut, Director of Marketing, Enso Security
January 5, 2022

Recent security attacks have reminded us that we should all be paying a little more respect to our organization's application environment. Unfortunately, 2021 was just the tip of the iceberg for software supply chain attacks. There will be more vulnerabilities like Log4j in the years ahead, and they might prove more destructive to your business than ever before. 

While the market for application security testing tools, protection and security services has skyrocketed over the past few years, there is still a major gap when it comes to coverage. Regardless if you are a mature AppSec team or just one lonely AppSec champion trying to manage it all, we are still playing catch up with the vulnerabilities. 

So, let’s start 2022 with a little Jay-Z motivation for you. 

Here are 3 steps that organizations of all sizes can adopt in order to optimize your AppSec posture in 2022.

Understand Your AppSec Environment

The first step for establishing or even maturing your organization's AppSec program is to gauge your posture. What are the AST tools in your arsenal? Do you have a champion program? Start with an AppSec gap analysis to identify areas of weakness within your AppSec program, and to ensure that the budget earmarked for application security is optimally utilized and is aligned with your cybersecurity strategy. 

If you are looking for guidance in understanding your baseline, I invite you to use Enso’s AppSec Gap Analysis tool. This free guide will allow you to assess whether the people, processes, and technology your organization employs are working appropriately to address application security risks.

Make AppSec a Business Priority 

If the third-party software attacks of the past year haven’t yet given your organization that needed wakeup call, well here it is – without a robust AppSec program, you are going to feel it where it hurts – the pockets (or as another great New York rapper once told us– “Mo’ money mo’ problems”).

Despite recent attacks, some security leaders may still be struggling to make the case to the power of the purse executives. In order to get the executive buy-in, try instilling AppSec Posture Management (ASPM) into your program. By this we mean providing a mechanism to produce live reports on the big picture and a clear, comprehensive visual of AppSec gaps. Couple this report with direct calls to action, including task management. Show your areas of concern, but also suggest methods  to fix them. 

Establish Sound AppSec Policies

Creating sustainable and unified AppSec policies across all assets allows your AppSec team to automate workflows, enforce tool testing and application security processes. Establishing strong policies will allow your organization to navigate an increasingly dynamic environment. 

Enso Security takes a policy-based “call to action” approach that allows AppSec teams to gain complete visibility and coordinate the tools, people and processes involved in application development without interfering with development. This is the only way to ensure that AppSec teams will keep up with R&D velocity, scale and focus on the most important tasks and insights.

Striving for Excellence

“I believe excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over”-Jay-Z

Turning your AppSec program into a systematic discipline may seem challenging. It will take human resources, convincing and a budget, but it is a worthwhile endeavor in order to ensure your organization's business continuity. 

If I can leave you with another set of wise words from the God of Rap himself: “Only two things can get you through this: that’s patience and persistence.


Get started today with Application Security Posture Management.

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