Follow the Map to AppSec Salvation. Introducing AppSec Map 2.0

Follow the Map to AppSec Salvation. Introducing AppSec Map 2.0

Application Security Posture Management Author
Chen Gour-Arie, Co-Founder & Chief Architect of Enso Security
July 19, 2022

A year ago, my team and I set out on a mission to make sense of the chaotic AppSec landscape, and provide our community with a unified, comprehensive source of knowledge that we could not find in our industry. Over the years, the  application security solutions, tools and services market has become so complex and difficult to navigate that even a veteran AppSec practitioner like myself could not identify the appropriate services and solutions needed in order to meet my organization’s unique set of challenges. 

What started as a passion project for my AppSec community quickly scaled into what is now considered an industry standard. Enso’s AppSec Map has become one of the most widely used practical tool of its kind, tapping into a constant  stream of industry intelligence on which we, as AppSec professionals, rely on ourselves. 

After tracking the AppSec Map’s success over the past year, and witnessing the immense value it provided to vendors and practitioners, we are now ready to take this initiative to the next level.  

Introducing AppSec Map 2.0!

We are proud to announce the next layer of the AppSec map, allowing users to personalize the AppSec Map and get a real-time organizational security posture badge based on the code, tools and services their organization uses. With this new feature, users will be able to not only compare tools and get the most in-depth market intelligence available in our industry, they will finally be equipped with a clear, comprehensive and tangible record of the strengths and gaps in their organization’s AppSec program. We believe that this is a giant step for the entire AppSec community, allowing organizations to assess and optimize their resources, and eliminate AppSec chaos once and for all. 

Get your Personalized Posture Badge

Once you build your personal map reflecting the code, security tools and services used in your organization, the map will generate a posture badge.  This is a score that measures the health and scope of your AppSec program at a given time.

We use the Posture Badge to assess the following:

  1. What does the organizational AppSec program include? What is the coverage of the program? Is there anything missing?
  1. Are the resources allocated to the program sufficient?
  1. Are tasks and responsibilities prioritized based on the organization’s strategic AppSec goals?

Behold the power of ASPM 

The AppSec Map is only one part of our mission to spread the ASPM gospel. 

At Enso, we believe in the power of ASPM, or Application Security Posture Management-- an approach that provides us with a holistic look at the life of an organization’s AppSec program. ASPM identifies which activities undertaken by the AppSec team are the most effective, so organizations can amend their strategy, optimize use of resources, and increase the coverage of their application security program. ASPM is all about enabling organizations to have a clear security baseline, allowing them to make decisions based on data and improve security across the board.  ASPM is not just another catchy acronym for AppSec teams to use in boardrooms or scare developers with; it can transform the way security teams practice and execute application security. 

We hope the AppSec Map will provide users with the insight and tangible information necessary to navigate the chaos of our AppSec world. This is a good opportunity to thank the hundreds of vendors and thousands of users around the world who have contributed and use the Map to regain control over their AppSec programs with systematic protection.

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