Asset Discovery, Inventory & Classification

Full visibility and automatic discovery of your entire application environment.

The Challenge with Discovery, Inventory & Classification

You can’t protect what you don’t know. 

In today’s world of CI/CD agility and cloud infrastructure, security is always more than one step behind production, and often unaware of development activities or outputs until it is too late.  The resulting chaos leaves AppSec teams in a constant cycle of catchup and lacking a tool for full inventory and automatic discovery of assets. 

Furthermore, without risk prioritization, organizations are left with thousands of managed assets and don’t know what to focus on first. Adding to the confusion are tools which classify the same asset in different ways.

Solved with Enso

Asset Discovery, Inventory & Classification- Full visibility and dynamic inventory - ASPM

Full visibility and dynamic inventory

Get full asset visibility with a continuous inventory of all assets, along with ownership data, applied business criticality, risk context and detection of security gaps.

Asset Discovery, Inventory & Classification- Asset classification - ASPM

Asset classification

Classify each asset with the risk level associated with it and automatically adjust risk scoring and policy based on environment, threats and resolution.

Asset Discovery, Inventory & Classification-Risk management - ASPM

Risk management

Assign risk levels based on the characteristics of the assets. Define considerations like the criticality of affected assets, sensitivity of data residing on the resource and internet exposure.

See it Live

Asset Inventory, Discovery & Risk Classification Demo

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