The Challenge with SBOM

Understanding the elements included in your software solution is crucial to protecting it and responding to attacks against it. 

Generating a reliable, unified SBOM for the entire application stack remains a challenge across the board. Urgency has been added to the equation as organizations must become proactive to defend against 3rd party vulnerabilities affecting their organizations and customers. Without the SBOM, organizations will remain unaware of their risk-prone components or of software solutions used that may be harmful. These gaps lead to an acute and concerning challenge when attempting to find one source of truth or a quick verdict during incident response.

How does Enso provide an enriched SBOM?

  • Compliance >> Enso offers an automatically generated, inventory documentation of your Bill Of Materials as well as exports in standard formats.

  • Everywhere >> Feature includes a complete list of all software, services and cloud resources, identified and correlated by the platform’s code discovery engine.

  • Full context >> Enso breaks your applications down to an unified inventory of their core components, including the open-source packages, APIs, libraries, data sources, application relationships, business context, services and more.
    Real-time >> Receive continuous data with seamless integration of SBOMs into software development, packaging and release activities and surface changes as introduced.

  • Incident Management >> In a matter of seconds, search for and find any vulnerable components in your application stack, provide context for what databases, services and teams are interacting with them, and instantly initiate remediation steps.

  • Risk management >> A comprehensive view of all affected assets with risk level scoring. Convert real-time vulnerability data into automated workflows and smart tasks defined by business policies.

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