What is ASPM?


Application security posture management (ASPM) automates the identification of software assets as well as the tracking and scheduling of all application security tools and processes.

ASPM approach offers a systematic process to accomplish maturity in application security.

ASPM is used to gain visibility on application assets, regardless of their infrastructure. It simplifies complex workflows while collecting mission critical data, and governing a sustainable, unified software security process across the organization.

Security posture management

Security posture management is an approach that builds on collecting data to reflect the point of view of security across all assets.

xSPM tools integrate with services such as SaaS and cloud services, analyse their data to assess the current security baseline, and suggest changes to improve it

a continuous process of security improvement and adaptation to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack.”

The benefits of security posture solutions are:

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security

Centralized security management across assets.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security

Measurable, self organizing operation, empowered by automation and orchestration.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security

Streamline governance with policies and a track record.

The challenge of ASPM

Like the rest of software engineering, software security is a highly intricate and delicate process built upon layers of time-consuming, detail-oriented tasks.

Additionally, software can be very complex and can change very quickly - making even the mere definition of an “application” challenging and open to interpretation.

Therefore, measuring the security posture of applications is a task that is fundamentally different from other security realms.

This challenge includes not only tapping to the data source and analysing settings, but offering a method and tools to deal with large scale engineering operations, rapidly changing mission scopes, diverse technology stacks, and high complexity.

How can ASPM eliminates AppSec chaos

ASPM approach is aligned with modern maturity-focused standards and intuitives. It suggests that it is better to engage the problem systematically, and invest in understanding your security baseline, and identifying the best opportunities to make significant progress.

ASPM enables users to spot the most important assets, and remain focused on protecting them. It identifies which activities are the most effective, so users can amend their strategy accordingly, optimize use of resources, and increase the coverage of the application security program. 

Additionally, with an ASPM, security teams can automate gap analyses, and clearly reflect it to different groups of stakeholders, promoting pull-left by the organization.

Start with Enso ASPM

Enso is the first security posture management solution in the field of application security. Enso platform includes an autonomous discovery engine that integrates with systems used by the organization from code to prod, and maintains an up to date, unified, correlated and profiled inventory list of all assets. This list includes a list of all the code repositories, artifacts, services, HTTP endpoints and others.

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To measure these assets, Enso platform taps into security related data sources. The measurement data collected by Enso includes:

Coverage of security testing tools and service programs, and their reports. These measurements indicate both the maturity level of the program and the current state of known defects.

Coverage and status of security activities. This measurement indicates the maturity level of the program.

Data that is used assess security configuration across different kinds of assets.

Enso’s automation abilities allow its users to automate scheduling of activities (such as execution of scans and creation of tickets). The automation can be fine tuned based on the profile of the asset, allowing tiering up the organization and investing resources where it actually matters.

Application Security Posture Management

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