The Ultimate Guide to the AppSec Galaxy

The Ultimate Guide to the AppSec Galaxy

Application Security Posture Management Author
Enso Security Team
July 13, 2021

Far Out in the maturing expanse of AppSec are excellent, unregarded solutions and tools doomed to remain hidden in the industry’s chaos...

Now, AppSec professionals can quickly and easily find everything they need with Enso Security’s AppSec Map, an open, live map of all the application security vendors and community projects required to build an AppSec program. Continuously updated to guide our own services, this new tool shares everything AppSec professionals need to know about available solutions and services to make better decisions, spend time on other priorities, collaborate more extensively and help the industry grow.

Why is AppSec Hard to Navigate?

AppSec is big. Really big, thanks to boundless and diverse implementations that can meet each application’s individual needs. However, while the recent boom in AppSec innovation has led to the development of one of the fastest growing cybersecurity markets, it’s also responsible for one of the field's most frustrating obstacles.

No two applications are alike, which is why security teams must apply unique strategies and approaches to keep each one secure. This means that, in order to anticipate coming risks and hazards, as well as select appropriate services and solutions to meet their technology’s unique set of challenges, AppSec teams must collect extensive threat landscape and market intelligence for every individual application. However, today’s market of available application security solutions, tools and services has become complicated and difficult to navigate; The industry lacks a single source of truth, requiring researchers to hunt down information across many disparate sources.

AppSec teams are already outnumbered and outgunned. The resources and time required for this important—and onerous—task, repeated across the entirety of their application portfolio, always come at the expense of other pressing priorities. Moreover, even the most meticulous research can only share a snapshot of a specific sector of the industry at a specific time. Without continuous updates and broadened scope, this high-resource effort diminishes in value quickly.

So, why not hitch a ride with Enso? We’re headed there anyway!

The uphill nature of AppSec work isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also the source of future threats as it becomes harder and harder for AppSec professionals to cover all bases. We must be able to do more with the time and resources at our disposal.

This is why we launched Enso Security. We’re determined to make sense of AppSec with systemic management and immediate insight into the field’s landscape. To achieve this faster, we internally developed a tool that maps and classifies different solutions and services available for today’s AppSec teams. It helps us track commercial services and solutions, as well as open source tools and projects for any AppSec-related activity, such as security training, application security testing and runtime detection and protection.

Recognizing our map’s global utility, we have decided to open it up to the public. As of today, AppSec professionals can access the AppSec Map, a free and practical tool that taps into a regular stream of industry intelligence we rely on ourselves. We see it as your pathway to everything you need to know—the AppSec Map finally organizes the chaos of the AppSec landscape once and for all. We can no longer afford the time to continuously sift through it and why should we, when there’s so much more to do?

Our aim in releasing the map is to dramatically cut down research time, empowering our fellow AppSec professionals to explore what’s out there quickly and efficiently. Without a source of truth, this task will only become more daunting as applications proliferate and the security gap widens. Hopefully, they can focus on bigger and better things with the time gained back instead.

Let’s Go!

AppSec Map was born out of our own need as AppSec practitioners, and is a part of our effort to empower AppSec professionals and help the community grow.

For those lucky enough to experience it, the community and collaboration in the AppSec space are sights to behold. We stay safe and innovate best by working together. And now that we can all see and better understand one another, we can better exchange ideas, enlist services that offer the most value, boost innovation and create more incredible technology. This is also true for the future of the AppSec Map. To this end, we warmly invite fellow AppSec professionals to share suggestions for the map, as well as vendors to actively submit their solutions.  

This map is only a small part of our larger effort to develop the industry’s first Application Security Posture Management solution. It’s an important resource for achieving our mission of making sense of AppSec chaos- empowering us with the intelligence necessary to help enterprises regain control over their AppSec programs with systematic protection.

We invite the AppSec community and its vendors to help us improve this map by sending suggestions here, and to submit their solutions so that the AppSec community can easily discover the value it adds to their AppSec program.
If you’re interested in more information about our Application Security Posture Management solution, please feel free to
contact us.

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