Risk-Based, Full Appsec Program  Management

The Challenge with Managing & Scaling an AppSec Program

AppSec processes have become chaotic as security is far outnumbered and outpaced by product. Combined with a lack of universal AppSec best practices for security teams, establishing and managing a scalable, unified and effective AppSec program across your organization feels complex and overwhelming.

AppSec practitioners and CISOs alike struggle with prioritizing resources and measuring or even establishing valuable KPIs reflecting business priorities.

AppSec Program Management Solved with Enso

  • Strategic prioritization >> Identify and prioritize which activities undertaken by the AppSec team are the most effective, so organizations can amend their strategy, optimize use of resources, and increase the coverage of their application security program. 
  • Developer alignment >> Bridge the agility gap between developer and security with comprehensive visibility, automation and management tools. No more playing catchup. 
  • Continuous >> Support and guidance throughout the entire development lifecycle: Deployed from the beginning to end of the SDLC, or at any stage in between.

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