Application Security Posture Management Use Case:

Asset-First Vulnerability Management

Prioritize risk for your most business critical assets and stop chasing after vulnerabilities.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - What is ASPM?

Why is Vulnerability Management so Challenging?

Security and AppSec teams are overwhelmed by reports uncovering thousands of vulnerabilities, full of duplicates, false positives and without context as to which ones actually matter. Existing tools provide security teams with an audit of their vulnerabilities, rather than tangible recommendations or actionable insights. This sheer amount of information without a clear frame of reference lacks value, and increases risk.

Vulnerability Management Solved with Enso

Asset-First Vulnerability Management- Prioritize with smart tasks-ASPM

Prioritize with smart tasks

With Enso’s unique risk score calculation, aggregate multiple defects into one, clear action item or recommendation, providing you with the “So what do I do” and “how do I do it.”

Asset-First Vulnerability Management- Asset-first vulnerability management -ASPM

Vulnerability scoring and discovery

Correlate vulnerability data with asset profile data to render accurate vulnerability scoring. Query and filter vulnerability findings data and remediation status.

Asset-First Vulnerability Management- Manage risks in real-time -ASPM

Manage risks in real-time

Automatically notify your engineering teams  about vulnerabilities which need immediate fixes, using ticketing and communication tools.

Enso- Asset-First Vulnerability Management

Solution Brief: Asset-First Vulnerability Management

Learn how Enso enables AppSec teams to stop "chasing the defects" with an asset-first management approach.

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"With Enso's unique asset-first approach to vulnerability management, we are able to efficiently operate an AppSec program by focusing limited resources on the assets that matter most to the business. This prioritization allows us to stop chasing after the vulnerabilities, and deploy efforts to where they matter most."

Gil Ohayon,
Chief Information Security Officer

application security posture management-Gil Ohayon
Application Security Posture Management

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