Application Security Posture Management Use Case:

Smart AST Orchestration & Automation (ASOC)

Identify and eliminate security coverage gaps. Optimize performance and prioritize resources by resolving the most business critical vulnerabilities.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - What is ASPM?

The Challenge with AST Orchestration & Automation

AppSec teams can fall victim to AST confusion– while using excellent AST tools such as SAST, DAST and beyond, it’s hard to truly measure their success and to work through the white noise they produce. Organizations can fail to recognize that these tools only give a fragment of the big picture, resulting in coverage gaps and the inability of security teams to truly understand the “business” big picture.  

On the other hand, organizations just getting started building or maturing an AppSec program and with a limited budget don’t know where to start and which tool to purchase first. Identifying how to start with your AST coverage can feel like a daunting task.

Solved with Enso

Smart AST Orchestration & Automation - AST coverage from Day 1-ASPM

AST coverage from Day 1

Enso’s out of the box AST tools (leading open source tools for SCA, SAST, DAST and IaC), provide you with full AST coverage from day 1. The platform onboards all assets to these tools, and offers a full asset-first vulnerability management program based on their reports.

Smart AST Orchestration & Automation - Discover and eliminate tool coverage gaps-ASPM

Discover and eliminate tool coverage gaps

Gain comprehensive and itemized coverage of existing tools and services, and eliminate the most critical security gaps. With Enso, you can manage the tool, evaluate the tool, and combine multiple tools data into a smart enrichment.

Smart AST Orchestration & Automation - Get the full picture-ASPM

Get the full picture

Automatically import vulnerability findings from all scanner testing sources during development, release testing, and production into a central management database.

Enso- Smart AST Orchestration and Automation

Solution Brief: Smart AST Orchestration and Automation

In this solution brief, learn how Enso Security provides customers with AST tools from day one.

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