Application Security Posture Management Use Case:

Governance & Compliance

Establish and enforce a unified, sustainable AppSec policy across all assets. Build policies that best support your business.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - What is ASPM?

The Challenge of Governance & Compliance

Security requirements and regulations may be clear on paper, but with software proliferating so quickly, governance of the process becomes aspirational for most teams. 

R&D teams lack the awareness of company policies or compliance regulations, and do not take them into account when pushing code into production. This lack of organizational alignment creates a staggering security vacuum in which organizations are unaware if they truly comply with industry standards, along with gaps in internal governance.

How does Enso close the Governance & Compliance Gap?

Governance & Compliance - Policy automation- ASPM

Policy automation

Identify which assets are subjected to what regulations, and offer policies to govern a process tailored to the specific asset. Policies can be built to your specifications, or chosen from Enso’s options.

Governance & Compliance - No hidden security gaps- ASPM

No hidden security gaps

Enso offers visibility that shows the state of AppSec on each asset, eliminating the need to perform a gap analysis in preparation for audits and certifications.

Governance & Compliance - Automated workflows- ASPM

Automated workflows

Automate workflows to enforce a unified, sustainable AppSec policy across all assets. Establish business definable rules that recalibrate severity of securing findings based upon testing tool source, type of finding, SDLC phase, and asset data classification.

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"From day 1, Enso provided me with the complete visibility and automatic discovery of my application environment. Combined with its risk prioritization and call-to-action insight for my most critical assets, I am able to manage a robust AppSec program through Enso's platform."

Tal Shemesh,
Chief Technology Officer

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