Application Security Posture Management Use Case:

Executive Reporting & Monitoring

Provide executives with a clear and continuous posture report. Establish business alignment, set clear KPIs and measure effectiveness.

Application Security Posture Management - Enso Security - What is ASPM?

The Challenge with Executive Reporting & Monitoring

Executives rarely get a true measurement of their AppSec program due to a lack of relevant or real-time data that is easily aggregated to show overall trends and patterns. Without a true reporting and monitoring capability, executives cannot measure or set relevant business KPIs, creating gaps in coverage and an inability to scale or to prioritize resources.

"For AppSec programs just getting started, Enso Security democratizes application security. For mature programs, Enso Security streamlines deployment of scarce resources to optimize the impact of your application security investments."

Matthew Sharp,
Chief Information Security Officer

application security posture management-Matthew Sharp

How does Enso enable Business Context?

Executive Reporting & Monitoring-Measure - ASPM


Measure trends in your inventory and its security posture. Know exactly what is the coverage of AppSec controls across the entire organization.

Executive Reporting & Monitoring-Real-time data - ASPM

Real-time data

Create executive summaries to track the maturity score of connected tools. Provide real-time dashboards of findings relevant for stakeholders at engineering, product, and enterprise level, including remediation ticket status.

Executive Reporting & Monitoring-Customize - ASPM


Seamlessly generate customized boards and widgets according to your organization’s needs, with rapid implementation.

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